Who Are We?

We are Eksen Research...

As Eksen Research, we are an independent research firm operating in over 60 countries worldwide since 2004. We have offices in many cities such as Istanbul, Barcelona, Dubai, Jeddah, Doha, Kuwait, Amman, and Cape Town. (We provide services with our expert procurement, field, and PM teams in many cities.)

In advanced and emerging markets, we offer various qualitative and quantitative research services, focusing particularly on hard-to-reach groups (audiences) with our extensive participant repository. We prepare research projects to meet the needs of our clients, conduct fieldwork, and evaluate the gathered data for you based on your inference requests.

As Eksen Research, we aim to conduct valid and reliable research without compromising scientific principles. By providing our clients with trustworthy, prompt, and results-oriented services, we strive to effectively meet their needs.

With our experienced team, we have specialized in fieldwork solutions. Alongside our full-time fieldwork team, we conduct fieldwork in accordance with the principles of research science, ensuring it is accountable and robust. We adopt an approach of continuous learning and development by regularly training our staff, remaining open to growth, and improvement.

Furthermore, as Eksen Research, we are members of the Researchers Association and ESOMAR. We conduct all our work in accordance with the standards set by these organizations. We are deeply committed to privacy principles and pledge to protect our clients’ data to the highest standards by adhering strictly to privacy policies.

Our expertise lies in our curiosity

The services we provide for qualitative and quantitative research encompass a wide range of methodologies, and we deliver the required services using our own resources. We are pioneers in offering online research methods among several firms in our country and the region. While we provide participants through our own database and panel, we use our own facilities for meetings. In our call center consisting of 25 phone stations, we always keep all conversations and data recorded.

We gather insights that companies need in their decision-making processes and provide recommendations. We offer consultancy and research services in many sectors, including health, consumer products, automotive, agriculture, communication, finance, energy, telecommunications, and public utilities. Collaborating with hundreds of clients providing products and services in different sectors over the years, we have helped them achieve their goals and continue to provide this support.

Our dedication to detail and quality has inspired more than 350 brands to work with us regularly, and the insights we have provided to hundreds of clients have successfully associated our name with success.


We take our work seriously!

Inter-corporate communication requires priority, importance, and meticulous planning. At Eksen Research, we come together with decision-makers in many sectors, from energy to finance, from technology to food.

The discussions we hold with various managers in our panel guide the decision-making processes of many institutions. We are a part of respected international research and consultancy organizations and adhere closely to sectoral behavioral and ethical standards.

We are a member of reputable international research and consultancy organizations and are firmly committed to sectoral behavioral and ethical standards.