Consumer Research

Focusing on the complexity of consumer behavior, we conduct various research to understand consumers’ preferences and behaviors. Through methods such as product and scent tests, packaging research, virtual store tests, advertising, and communication studies, we explore the world of consumers.

Product and Packaging Tests

Before presenting new products to consumers, we conduct a detailed evaluation of their taste and packaging. These tests help us identify the strengths and weaknesses of products, understand consumers’ approach to the product, and develop improvement strategies.

Virtual Store Tests

With our special 3D virtual store application, we test the in-store experience in a 3D environment. This allows us to provide volume estimates for potential changes in sales strategies and understand the impact of in-store actions on consumer behavior.

Scent Tests

We recognize that scent perception is a significant factor influencing consumer behavior. Through advanced laboratory settings, we evaluate the scent of products and strive to understand how they affect consumers’ minds.

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