We are Eksen Research…

About us…

We are an independent research agency operating in more than 60 countries since 2004. Our offices are located in Istanbul, Barcelona, Dubai, Jeddah, Doha, Kuwait City, Amman and Cape Town. We provide various qualitative and quantitative research services in developing markets and our main target group is hard-to-reach groups.

Eksen Research prepares research projects, conducts field studies of prepared projects and evaluates research. We offer the most effectiveand efficient research solutions for our customers.

Eksen Research set out with the aim of carrying out valid and reliable researches based on scientific principles, and its goal is to provide reliable, fast and result oriented services to its customers.

With its experienced staff in its field, Eksen Research specializes in field solutions. With its full-time field team, it conducts auditable and robust field studies in accordance with the principles of research science. For this purpose, it submits to the approach of constant training for its staff, being open to constant learning and improvement.

Eksen Research is a member of Researchers Association and ESOMAR. It carries out all its works according to the principles of ESOMAR. In all studies, the confidentiality principles are strictly followed.

The secret of our expertise is our curiosity.

The services we offer for qualitative and quantitative research cover all methodologies and we provide the required services using our in-house sources. We are one of the few companies in our country and region that offer online research methods. We recruit respondents using our own database and panel, and use our own facilities for meetings. Our call center consists of 25 telephone stations and all calls and data are always recorded.

We collect the insights companies need intheir decision-making process and provide advice. We offer consultancy and research services in many areas such as healthcare, consumer products, automotive, agriculture, communication, finance, energy sector, telecommunication and public services. For years, we have partnered with hundreds of customers providing products and services in different sectors, and we have helped and continue to achieve their goals.

Our attention to detail and quality has been a motivation for more than 350 brands to work with us regularly, and the forecasts we have provided to hundreds of customers have associated our name with success.


We take our business seriously!

Inter-institutional research highlights the importance of communication and careful planning. As Eksen Research, we interviewed decision-making stakeholders in many industries, from energy to finance, from technology to food, and from media to retail.

Our interviews with executives at all levels in our panel have guided the decisions of many institutions.

We are a member of reputable international research and consultancy organizations, and we strictly adhere to the codes of behaviors and ethics of the sector.