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Konsept Testi Araştırması

Concept Test Research

With pre-investment research, we guarantee the correct feedback for your ideas.

We determine the performance of products at development stage, compare them with the performance of competitors, and help you estimate income and extra sales increases.

What questions do we answer?

  • How can customer satisfaction be enhanced?
  • Why would a consumer prefer one product to another?
  • How would positioning be changed?
  • How would pricing be done?
  • Detecting the changes in priorities for consumer interest.

Dealership Satisfaction Research

Dealership satisfaction research assists in determining customer satisfaction levels and taking the necessary precautions. This type of research is also used to measure the performance of organizations and ensure they have the optimal structure. In these studies, alongside with dealership satisfaction, information is gathered on whether demands are met by dealerships, and to determine the trouble spots of the organizations, if any.

What questions do we answer?

Factors that affect dealership performance
Opinions regarding products sold and competitor products
Assessment of products and services
Assessment of product orders
Assessment of pricing
Assessment of post-sales services

Bayi Memnuniyeti Araştırmaları

Awareness Studies

The reputation of brands are represented by their products and their services.

Brand awareness studies must be done based on the criteria determined by TPE.

We make it possible for you to understand your brand value and position yourself on the market.

We play a role in revealing the brand value in the minds of consumers.

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Tanınmış Marka Araştırmaları