Consumer Research

Consumer behavior is variable and difficult to decipher. In this context, consumer research tries to interpret consumers and consumer behavior by performing more extensive and rich studies.

As Eksen Research, we work on interpreting our consumer base and their behavior through product and scent tests, packaging studies, virtual store tests, advertising and communication research.

Ürün Testi Araştırmaları

Product – Packaging Tests

Taste tests performed during the development process of new products, or when changes are made to existing products, are the more accurate way of discovering how the consumers receive the product.

Taste tests, attended by consumers with developed tastes, provide immediate data about the taste of the products.

Product taste is tested in our advanced lab with smell and sound isolation.

Studies like this are important;

  • To determine strengths and weaknesses of the product,
  • Understanding the perspective and reactions of consumers to the product,
  • And to create strategies to develop the product and determine the next steps.

The criteria evaluated:

  • Packaging
  • Brand logo
  • Brand name
  • Brand and manufacturer fit
  • Brand perceptions
  • Associations

Virtual Store Tests

Our special 3D virtual store application “TheStore” allows us to test shelf and display designs and offer the best recommendations.

“TheStore” is a new technology that allows testing consumer behavior in a 3D shopping setting. User friendly interface is convenient for everyone.

With the experience of our team and our advanced “TheStore” application, we can offer volume estimations for potential changes in sales strategy, and offer advice on the effects of in-store actions on consumer behavior.

Sanal Mağaza Testi Araştırması
Koku Testi Araştırması

Smell Test

The sense of smell affects eating behaviors. What the sense of smell detects is chemicals present in the air in very small concentrations.

According to the most widely used classification today, smells are classified in 10 basic smell categories. These are fragrant, woody, fruity, chemical, minty, sweet, popcorn, lemon, pungent and decayed.

We are offering the most exclusive way to perform smell tests in an advanced, isolated laboratory setting.

With consumers who have advanced senses, we can obtain immediate data regarding the smell of products in every field and subject with smell tests.

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