Sağlık Sektörü Araştırmaları

Healthcare Industry Research

Increasing demand towards healthcare services follow developments in science and technology and lead to an intensification of research on individuals who work in the field or use healthcare services regarding their use of these services, their satisfaction level, and resources available to them. Increasing population and changes to social structures sustain this type of research.

As Eksen Research, since 2004, we have focused most of our efforts on healthcare industry research.

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Sağlık Sektörü Araştırmaları

Healthcare Professionals

We are proud to have the largest healthcare professionals panel in Turkey.

Our panel includes over 35 thousand physicians and over 15 thousand other healthcare personnel (pharmacists, nurses, purchasing, etc.).

Sağlık Sektörü Araştırmaları

Payers and KOLs

Our access to payers and KOLs, our long term relationships with experts and talking the same language as they do keep us one step ahead.

Patients and Caretakers

With our patient panel that covers multiple disease areas, we can easily access patients and caretakers.
We are pay close attention to patient comfort and privacy, principles very important for us.