Gizli (Gölge) Müşteri Araştırması

Mystery (Shadow) Shopper Research

Depending on the characteristics of the study, we also offer acting training for mystery shoppers alongside general training and project-specific training.

What questions do we answer?

  • How well does the staff comply with service standards?
  • How well does the location visited comply with neatness, cleanliness, hygiene etc. standards?
  • How successful is the location visited in customer services and speed of service?
  • How well does the staff in the location visited comply with the training they received?
  • Is post-sales service offered at the location visited? If yes, how is it tracked?
  • Is the staff/representative/dealer sufficiently informed about the products and services provided?
  • Is the staff/representative/dealer able to ensure and track customer satisfaction?
  • Is needs analysis performed for the customer?
  • Is the product presentation done according to the standards?