Who are we?

Erdogan Gundogdu - Eksen Kurucu Ortak

Erdogan Gundogdu

Chief Executive Officer

He likes to draw and paint and always wanted to be a painter.

He loves sci-fi both on paper and screen and thinks PKD deserves more.

He believes research can help coming up with more questions, which is always good, isn’t it?

Deniz Serdar - Takım Lideri

Deniz Serdar

Chief Administrative Officer – Bid Specialist

She dreams of traveling all around the world and indeed does it step by step. She is committed to keep the child in picture alive.

She claims to have a smiling face all the time although everybody says just the opposite.

She believes research helps to predict the future.

Mert Ukelge - Uzman Proje Yöneticisi

Mert Ukelge

Chief Operating Officer

He likes to watch National Hockey League games in the dead of night and comes to the office bleary-eyed.

If you ever want to go to a blues rock concert, build a time machine to go to Woodstock, have coffee or cheering up, he would never turn you down.

He believes when research walks on the field, judgment does not walk off.

Gamze Oyuktas - Proje Yöneticisi

Gamze Oyuktas

Fieldwork Executive - B2B / B2C

Sportive, loves spending time with her friends and hates time at home. She is somehow afraid of cats!

Overhasty, she is therefore always in panic attack.

She believes market research is sometimes joyous and sometimes stressful (well, stressful for her most of the time).

Hazal Kalkan - Proje Yöneticisi

Hazal Kalkan

Fieldwork Manager

She loves dancing and being in nature.

Infinity of nature reminds her of feeling free. It makes her feel alive and relaxed.

She believes research is endless like the infinity of nature.

Murat Gundogdu - Eksen Kurucu Ortak

Murat Gundogdu


Entrepreneur by birth. He has always been good with calculation.

From barber’s apprenticeship to café management, he has done dozens of jobs.

He believes market research should be as plain as possible.

Ferhat Gundogdu - Eksen Kurucu Ortak

Ferhat Gundogdu

Co - founder

He is known for his deep commitment to whatever interests him.

He loves hiking and you might come across him taking a selfie in Machu Picchu or collecting mushrooms in the Black Forest.

He believes knowledge is power and research is indispensable for success.

Zeynep Aysan - Proje Yöneticisi

Zeynep Aysan

Fieldwork Executive - Healthcare

She is known for her affection for computers since childhood.

She loves skating and cycling.

She believes the more you learn research the more sophisticated it gets like computers.

Rezan Erdogmus - Danışman – Tarım

Rezan Erdogmus

Consultant - Agribusiness

Although born in the cold of March, she has got a loving and warm heart.

She lives every new day like it is a new life. She never misses happy and cheerful people.

She thinks detail is important and the total resides within the detail. However, she doesn’t test her patience with details – she lets it go.

She believes research is all about details.

Ozgun Ozkan - Danışman – Sağlık & Tarım

Ozgun Ozkan

Consultant - Healthcare & Agribusiness

She is a dreamer who is aware of reality. She is curious and cheerful. She thinks life is simple but sees the complexity in it.

She wants to travel the world but since home feels so good, she doesn’t go out often.

She believes research always must be based on science.

Selcuk Gundogdu - Araştırma Yöneticisi

Selcuk Gundogdu

Chief Financial Officer

He goes on vacation with 100$ and comes home with 200$ – that is his relationship with money.

He can get along well with anybody in 2 minutes and once seen using slang within just 30 seconds with somebody he just met on phone.

He believes research quenches all your headaches if used on time.

Ahmet Meric - Danışman – B2B

Ahmet Meric

Consultant - B2B / B2C

He has 2 children, 6 cats and a Samoyed Dog alongside a wife in his life and believes that every day is another adventure.

He does not hesitate to go where no man has gone before. Always has been a fan of communication, even with other species 😉

He believes a good research is the end product of a good teamwork.

Ipek Yerusan

Team Leader

She believes everyone is equal regardless of species, race and gender; and she strives for such a world. She fights for womens rights, LGBTIQA+ rights, animals rights and climate change.

Good coffee, good vegan food and caring for stray animals are her biggest passions in life.

She believes research needs to be ethical and make us question what we belive as true.

Lutfiye Simsek - Asistan

Lutfiye Simsek


She likes to watch sunset and hiking.

A nature lover, she loves collecting wild flowers.

Afraid of dark, she is always honest and direct and wants the same from others.

She listens to ambient music only.

Ferdi Sarıkaya - Bilgi İşlem Müdürü

Ferdi Sarikaya

IT Specialist

He is known to be very curious.

The curiosity of electronic gadgets has been evident from the Video Home System which has took apart then examined at the age of five.

He thinks that a research should include high curiosity because if you do not wonder, you will not research and you can not learn.

Didem Keles

Didem Keles

Senior Fieldwork Manager

Well known for her characteristic hair bun and her ability to make people laugh within 5 seconds of her starting to talk.

You might want to reconsider going out to dinner with her, because the list of foods she dislikes is longer than a toilet paper roll. (Still, there is a high chance it can be fun, you should take the risk.)

She believes every moment of life can be subject to research.

Baris Ablak- Bilgi İşlem

Baris Ablak


Wanted to be a hippie in the 60s, but he was born in the 90s as a reaction to Instagram.

Likes watching art movies, loves Ingmar Bergman and Andrei Tarkovsky, greatly enjoys Marvel movies.

Believes research should be as simple as Marvel movies, and as striking and realistic as The Godfather.

Sibel Gungordu - Proje Yöneticisi

Sibel Gungordu

Senior Fieldwork Manager

Loves dancing, listening to music, and exploring new places.

She believes dance nourishes and frees the soul.

She believes as long as it is free, research can also be nourishing to the soul.

Ecenaz Tasli - Proje Yöneticisi

Ecenaz Tasli

Procurement - Staff Manager

Her greatest pleasure is cooking, and having people around her taste her cooking.

She feels happiest and most free in small coastal towns.

For her, research is something you cannot get out of, once you get into it.

Ozge Pacaman - Asistan

Ozge Pacaman


Loves animals more than people.

She works on sculptures in her free time and is involved in every branch of art.

She believes every research has an artistic side.

Meral Binici - Proje Yöneticisi

Meral Binici

Fieldwork Manager

Likes listening to loud music while working or reading e-books.

Sees stressful or difficult jobs as puzzles and solves them patiently.
Completely believes the quote “There are more people who worked their way to fame, than those who were born famous!”

Believes research is an investment for the future.


Assistant Bid Specialist

Loves traveling to experience new cultures, and dreams of living for a short time in various places around the world.

Believes in the importance of social enterpreneurship, and tries to provide at least some benefit through social projects. One of these benefits is preventing information pollution, thus you can often hear her saying “that’s not how it is” 

She believes research is a circle, where it provides the enjoyment of getting accurate information and learning something new, while reminding one of how little they really know.

Batikan Ulu

Fieldwork Manager

2007 and 2015 Won the Turkish Motocross Championship.

He likes to do sports and never separates his varieties from each other. He believes that being solution-oriented prevents stress.

He believes research increases chances in life and sharpens predictions.

Berk Cuceoglu

Senior Project Manager

He likes to play different kinds of musical instruments and team sports.

He believes being serious and light headed both have equal importance in life.

He believes research is inevitable to make things better on every aspect of life.

Berkay Isik

Fieldwork Manager

He loves his job and pays great attention to details. Addicted to sports and coffee. However, he likes to drink alcohol.

A true Fenerbahçe fan. It may not be possible to reach him on match days 🙂

Believes that research teaches a person many things on the way that it leads to the right knowledge.

Duygu Serdar

Fieldwork Manager

She loves the life very much. She is very happy with his nuclear family and few friends, but his handsome cat “DOST” makes her happy the most. Those who just know her may think that she is a little sullen, but believe me, you will love her as you get to know her 
. You have to come up with tempting offers to get her out of the house because she loves being at home. She says she loves animals more than people and makes it pretty clear to people who deserve it. She thinks research is mysterious journeys into the unknown of life.

Fulya Lale Dalfes

Project Manager

She loves nature, animals, and sunsets. Somehow, she is afraid of birds. You can find her in front of a sunset view, taking photographs like it’s her first time seeing a sunset. She never says no to a delicious meal, a party, and traveling with her beloved ones.

Research is the only way to control her curious and restless side. That’s why she thinks doing research is a natural part of her life.

Neslihan Ates

Project Manager

Being determined and devoted is her greatest trait. She thinks that life has no meaning without a sharing culture. Therefore she likes entrepreneurship, social benefit and creating content. Since interacting with different cultures gains her different perspectives, she embraces these cultures with love. She always thinks that her childlike spirit and creativity feeds her level of humor. And these traits make her extremely friendly.

Also, she always opposes injustice, so she stands up against the wrong. Photographing the sky and dancing are among her favorite hobbies. she also likes to research and watch music videos of old movies, TV shows and songs.

For her, the research industry is as passionate and active as the dance she loves, and as changeable as the sky 

Ozmenur Asci

Senior Project Manager

She likes to spend time by herself at home as much as she likes to go out and spend time with her friends. Since childhood, she has been interested in cuisine and knitting. She also likes to cook as she likes to eat. You can see her at the kitchen in the middle of the night to cook something.
For her, research is an adventure.

Project Manager

Hande Eren

Project Manager

Her favorite thing in the world is her dog Ginger. She is talented, passionate and very friendly but the most ideal word to describe her would be dreamer. She is a huge Harry Potter fan and also a bookworm.

She believes that research has great power to clarify most things in the world. She also thinks that it makes life easier today and provides us with access to a lot of information.

Onur Agır

Fieldwork Manager

Music is a natural need for him, just like drinking water.
He thinks that art and space are interconnected and that the secret of the universe passes through here.
He believes that research is primarily about being a good observer.

Project Manager

Merve Aysan

Fieldwork Manager

She loves reading books and researching.
Her communication side is very strong.
She like discovering new places.
Traveling with music is one of the favorite activities of her.
She believes that research is a part of life and has a connection with technology.

Ülker Baldemir

Senior Fieldwork Manager

She profoundly thinks that she is born to tell the value of the smiling towards life and people, thus, from the moment she was born, she is smiling and laughing to this very day. In order to accomplish her mission, she has travelled all over Turkey, village by village, for many years along with the children’s theatre. She is fond of vacation and sea lover to the core.

She believes that research is a key element of learning and development and she is continually asking questions for years.

Project Manager

Naz Kocarslan

Project Manager

Naz, who has been interested in philosophy and psychology since her childhood, is also a yoga practitioner and instructor.

She gives importance to fairness and sincerity.

Her detail-oriented character is the reason why she is successful in research.

Gaye Oc

Fieldwork Assistant

She is a person who is always neat and perfectionist. She is in love with staying home. She can spend her time without going anywhere but staying home. However, she likes nature and travels she can get interact with it. As she cooks, she watches economic-politics programs and it proves her sophisticated personality. Although she acts lke she does not love her cat, she is the favored daughter of her.

She cares much all issues she has, hence, she is aware that research is essential.

Handan Bozkurt

Fieldwork Assistant

She is an adrenaline addict and likes to have fun. She often goes for a trekking. She is a nature lover, interested in rafting but still unable to do it due to her fear of it. She is restless and enjoys her work. She has many work experiences but her longest standing one is at Eksen Research.

She thinks that a research should be simple, fun, accurate and concise as much as possible.