Healthcare Professionals Research

The increasing demand for healthcare services every day, along with advancements in science and technology, enhances the importance of research on the experiences, satisfaction levels, and available resources of individuals benefiting from healthcare services. The rapidly growing population and changing societal structures also encourage the continuity of such research.

As Eksen Research, we have been dedicating significant work force to healthcare sector research since 2004.

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Healthcare Professionals

We are proud to have the largest panel of health professionals in Turkey.

With over 35,000 physicians and 15,000 healthcare professionals (including pharmacists, nurses, procurement teams, etc.) in our panel, we take on a leading role in contributing to the field of healthcare through our research efforts.

Patients & Caregivers

Our access to payers and opinion leaders, along with our long-term relationships with experts and our ability to speak the same language, always keep us ahead.

Patients & Patients Caregivers

Through our patient panel covering various disease areas, we can easily reach patients and caregivers. Patient comfort and confidentiality are of utmost importance to us; therefore, we take the necessary precautions.

With our extensive patient panel covering various medical fields, we can easily access patients and caregivers. In doing so, we prioritize the comfort and confidentiality of those in our patient pool.