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Dear Team, Hope you are doing well. This is Manisha Khadav, and I lead our Strategic Partnerships Cooperation. We are Mobility Foresights, a market research firm based in Bangalore, India. With a diverse clientele from all around the world, we specialise in syndicated reports and consulting services. We have unparalleled expertise in various industries including but not limited to, mobility, railways, logistics, and defence. We at Mobility Foresights, believe partnering with other market research and consulting firms from all over the globe will not only bring great synergy but also help broaden the scope for all parties involved. We are reaching out to your company, to establish a collaborative partnership that will put our resources and expertise to better use. This collaboration will not only open up new possibilities for both of us, but will also enable your organisation to explore the Indian market. As we’ve said before, we offer unrivalled expertise in various sectors, as well as an in-depth understanding of the regional market that may be useful to your business. We have the resources and expertise to carry out field research projects for Indian demographics. Such services may be favourable as well as provide different opportunities for your business. I hope this finds you, and I look forward to discussing it in greater detail.

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