Mystery (Shadow) Shopper

In our mystery shopping studies, we serve the service parameters identified in the study objectives and provide firsthand insights.
Our team works tirelessly to add valuable information to the research, identify areas for improvement for businesses, increase customer satisfaction, and help provide different experiences.

Depending on the requirements of the study, we provide shadow shoppers with both general training and project-specific acting workshops.

What Do We Evaluate?

  • The level of compliance of staff with service standards
  • The level of compliance of the visited location with standards such as organization, cleanliness, and hygiene
  • The level of success in customer service and service speed
  • The degree of compliance of staff with the training they received
  • Whether post-sales service is provided and the methods of follow-up
  • The level of knowledge of staff about the products and services sold
  • The ability to ensure and follow up on customer satisfaction
  • Whether customer needs are analyzed
  • The compliance of product presentation with standards